Marketing and Press Relations for a company focused on conservation and sustainable use of the ocean and marine resources, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 14

The Context

Our client,, offers consultancy, thought leadership and change implementation in the Blue Economy Sector. Having successfully implemented a programme of work focused on sustainability for fisheries in the Philippines, they wanted to share their achievements and findings and to celebrate the success.

The Client Aims

Our Client aimed to share the outcomes of the programme through a whitepaper launch and marketing campaign to attract new clients in the sector. The aims for marketing and press comms were to:

  • Launch a Whitepaper of the findings and outcomes to the sector and attract interest from donors and governments
  • Launch a new Website with news pages as a starting point for ongoing press releases and articles
  • Build on a marcoms plan for press and social media aligned to business development activity
  • Identify and introduce outlets to work with mapped to a media plan
  • Identify writers and storytellers to work on brochures, articles and video/photo media
  • Produce three articles for the launch of the website and two the month after launch

The Service Engaged

To achieve their marketing and PR aims, the organisation commissioned the work of the Mirabilis Marcoms and Media Lead combined with the work of Mirabilis Associate journalist and copywriter, Andy Wasley, and Brand Design/Website Development Associate Partner, Lamerton Creative.

Marketing and Press Communications

We manage Marcomms and PR, and write copy for marketing and press purposes with the audience at the centre of the thinking. Working with CX and UX personas, we weave narratives around facts to make copy compelling to identified audiences. For this project, we provided traditional, digital and social media communications services:

Marketing planning and management

Story Planning

Working with work package leads on the programme which led to the whitepaper, we planned a media pipeline starting with a webinar launch of the whitepaper and accompanying brochure and including a plan for the roll out of articles and press releases based on the whitepaper launch itself and topics within it that lent themselves to specific findings and outcomes articles. For instance, illegal fishing practices, technology advances to support fisheries management and ocean health, earth observation, employability and leadership opportunities for women in the industry.

Outlets and Writers

We identified press partners and outlets for the copy to be produced, matching potential writers and outlets against target audiences. A key outcome of this work was the development of a partnership between the client and a large media outlet.

PR management

Mirabilis worked with Verumar partners such as UK Space Agency, to ensure that PR aligned to partner agreement and could be used in their PR as well as that of Verumar to get reach to their target audiences.


New Website Design and Development  

Lamerton Creative, our Brand Design/Website Development Associate Partner, led on the re-design of the website with the aim of accommodating news articles which was achieved.

Website News Pages Copywriting, and News Article and Press Release Creation

Mirabilis and Andy Wasley produced copy for the webpages and also news site articles and press releases for the new news area of the website, and for the project partners PR teams.    

Marketing Collateral

Also included, according to month-by-month requirement request, the ongoing delivery for:

  • Marketing and PR Management
  • Press releases
  • Web copy
  • Social media content
  • Blogs
  • Video and/or photo storytelling
  • Maintenance of website

The launch webinar was attended by leading players in the blue economy sector, government officials and donors and the whitepaper has been downloaded by more than 250 people. The website and news information has been used in business development and opened doors to government and industry in 2 more countries in the ASEAN region in 3 months. It has also drawn the attention of funders of projects focused on UN SDGs, sustainability, combating climate change, and gender balance in the blue economy workplace.