• From Start
    to Success

    Mirabilis Management offers worldwide Business Development, Fundraising, Brand Marketing, Communications, Website Development, Market Research, Change Management, Project Portfolio Management, and Actionable Insights through BI/MI Reporting Expertise.
  • From Start
    to Success

    We support clients globally, to improve customer focus, brand positioning, financial stability, profitable growth, and transparent sustainability in an ever-changing world.
  • From Start
    to Success

    Outcomes of our work include increased brand awareness; improved customer penetration; less churn through, customer loyalty; smooth, low disruption technical and business transformation; higher levels of profit and surplus; clear market strategies and revenue growth; actionable and transparent management and business reporting dashboards.

About Us


We are Personalised

Mirabilis Management Ltd was established in 2012 and since 2014, we have been operating an associate model to deliver through teams that fulfil contracts with experts, tailored to your organisation and its culture. From discovery, through exploration and experimentation, to implementation and sustainability, we are involved in interventions on the journey to success. Customers, audiences and user experience are at the centre of our thinking and implementation models for change, business development, brand resonance and marketing in an ever-changing world.


We are Comprehensive

We work with businesses to support business development, guiding people through behavioural change powered by actionable insight, frameworks, processes, and technology. Our team of experts have been adding value to Private, Public and Third Sector clients on every continent for over 25 years.

Our combined skills include; strategic planning, customer first strategy and implementation, UX & CX analysis and reporting, brand design, marketing communications, business development, fundraising, partnership development, market research, product innovation, Agile and Waterfall Technology and ERP programme/project management and PMO development, data management and reporting, business change, training, coaching and knowledge transfer.


We are Global

We work in and with every continent on customer focused initiatives, using our subject matter experts with global and multinational development expertise, to support businesses to position brands for change, and embrace change whether this be market positioning, organisational, digital,  or environmental.



We adapt our Transformation Process for you

Our Promises

  • We focus on projects offering social value
  • We are committed to international and global cooperation
  • Our interventions include knowledge transfer, build sustainability, not dependency on us
  • We have relevant experience and expertise to meet your needs
  • We will not over-promise and will deliver your requirements
  • We will value your expertise and experience to ensure a high-quality bespoke service